On December 8th, 2017 the digital edition of the critically acclaimed „Fanfields 2“, TOTO Tribute album was released.

Almost 140 people (musicians, graphic artists, engineers, producers, studio’s, etc) from all over the world pay tribute to TOTO and especially to Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Fergie Frederiksen by recording really cool versions of TOTO songs. Amongst the musicians on the album are two very special guests: Sam Porcaro (son of Mike, on bass) and Chris Trujillo (TOTO percussionist).

When compared to the physical (now out of print) version of the Fanfields 2 album, this digital release has 5 new tracks: On The Run, Taint Your World, The Other Side, Running Out Of Time and Take My Hand.

All profits of the album will be donated to three TOTO related good causes: ALS Foundation, Cancer Foundation and the Michael Porcaro Memorial Sweet Relief Musicians fund.

Steve Lukather:
„I have to say I am so blown away by the amazing performances and effort put into this project. I am without words and anyone who knows me knows THAT does not happen often. Haha! The soul-passion and amazing playing and singing from ALL is just astounding! I know Jeff, Mike and Fergie are smiling. I am.“

Steve Porcaro:
„Hi guys! Check this out! TOTO fans/musicians paying tribute to us playing TOTO tracks! An amazing project benefitting my brothers Mike and Jeff – and Fergie! Please share this – and go support/buy! Thanks a lot for this beautiful tribute, all of you guys are awesome – we so appreciate all of you. AND – you kick ass as musicians!!“

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